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    1. In what four areas can scientific research be categorized?

      (a)experimental, computational, theoretical, historical
      (b)observational, application, computational, theoretical
      (c)theoretical, experimental, observational, computational

    2. Computational Science is defined as...

      (a)The application of computational and numerical techniques to solve large and complex problems.
      (b)The application of compputational and experimental techniques to solve large and complex problems with great speed.
      (c)The application of computational and numerical techniques to solve basic problems with great speed.

    3. True or False...The study of computational science is the same as computer science.


    4. Science is...

      (a)the study of microscopic organisms
      (b)everyone's favorite subject
      (c)the study of how nature behaves

    5. Many of the fundamental questions in science (especially those with potentially broad social, political, and scientific impact) are sometimes referred to as _________.

      (a)Super challenge problems
      (b)Grand challenge problems
      (c)Main challenge problems

    6. Once an algorithm has been created, the scientist can use a wide variety of _________ to generate solutions for a variety of conditions.

      (b)reference tools
      (c)computational tools

    7. Computational Science is a/an _________ that is supported by _______ and _________.

      (a)observations, algorithms, architecture
      (b)application, algorithms, architecture
      (c)adventure, hard work, large grants


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