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    ITEM CONTRIBUTOR DATE File/Link (if any)
    Added new page Bob2 20 March 2000 None
    Added new page Bob2 20 March 2000 None
    Added new page Bob2 20 March 2000 None
    New item Bob2 20 March 2000 None
    Added new What's new update form Bob2 (Shodor) 02/09/99 What's New
    ChemViz FAQ Page Jonathan Brogan February 8 FAQ page
    Basis set readings and labs Kirstin Riesbeck (Shodor REU) Under development Forthcoming
    Z-matrix to Cartesian converter Bob Gotwals (Shodor) January 27 Z-matrix converter
    Developed Templates and other Web Page design Jonathan Pahl, Kirstin January 27 Web Pages
    Added an energy table next to the energy graph and removed the labels on the graph itself Karthi January 13
    Partially fixed the scaling problem Karthi January 13
    Fixed the DISCO input link Karthi January 13
    Removed the form that asks the user for the filename Karthi January 13

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