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WD Hill Fall Workshops Grades K-3 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Date: 5/22/07
Topic for workshop: Review Class
Instructor: Lateasha Shirer
Number of Students: 8

1. Provide a brief overview of the workshop (i.e. purpose, activities and materials):
The lesson was design to give the students a review of all the previous lessons that we have covered. I made a jeopardy game with review questions from the past lessons. If the students couldn't answer questions then the class would have a short discussion. Overall the students were able to answer majority of the question.
2. Did the students engage the workshop and ask questions?
The students really enjoyed participating in the review game. The students stayed focused the entire time. The students were able to answer most of the questions on their own, which showed me that they learned a lot and they understood the materials taught.
3. Did the students seem to learn and understand the material? For example, can the students explain what they learned?
The students were able to answer questions to prove that they understood the materials.
4. Is this material appropriate for the K-7 grade level? Is it more appropriate for K-3 or 4-7, and why?
The questions were a little challenging but it was great questions for their grade level.
5. How do the materials and activities apply to the science and math the students are currently learning?
The review materials recaptured the math and science concepts that were taught in previous classes.
6. Additional comments:
Allow enough time for the instructor to explain subjects the students didn't fully understand. I left about 10 minutes to discussion time but for classes that learn at a slower pace allow more instructional time.

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