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Summer 2007  (...)
Antioch Builds Community's SummerQuest for Knowledge Camp was a four-week summer program focusing on computational math and science skills. Shodor's interns provided instruction.

This summer, the Weaver Street Community Center ran a ten-week program for grades 5-8 exploring science, math, and technology. Shodor's staff and interns provided instruction.

A summer program at the W.D. Hill Center (of Durham Parks and Recreation) introduced kids to science, math, and technology. Weekly workshops provided hands-on and computer activities. As part of a continuing parternship, Shodor interns provided instruction.

Spring 2007  (...)
This Spring, Shodor helped Training for Success, a nonprofit of Durham, to offer an after-school computer graphics class for middle and high school students.

Shodor continued its successful partnership with North Carolina Central University to provide Saturday CybAdventures-- hands-on science explorations-- for its SUCCEED Workshop students.

Shodor's successful classes at the W.D. Hill Center (of Durham Parks and Recreation) continued this Spring. Students learned science, math, and technology concepts through activities ranging from real experiments to computer programming. Shodor interns provided instruction.

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