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WD Hill spring Workshops Grades K-3 10:00am-12:00pm

Date: 1/30/07
Topic for workshop: Telling Time With Clock Wise
Instructor: Lateasha Shirer
Number of Students: 12

1. Provide a brief overview of the workshop (i.e. purpose, activities and materials):
This lesson is created to help the younger students learn how to tell time. The older students used some interactivate applet to test their skills of telling time. The students made homemade clocks to help them tell time when they got home. Everyone created clocks and designed them to make telling time easier.
2. Did the students engage the workshop and ask questions?
The students participated by making clocks and asking a lot of questions. At the end of class, the instructor asked questions to make sure the students understood what they learned.
3. Did the students seem to learn and understand the material? For example, can the students explain what they learned?
The older students didn't learn anything new, but they had some review. The younger students learned about the intervals of time with the long hand of the clock. They also learned how to tell the time. Everyone was able to practice telling time using an interactivate applet.
4. Is this material appropriate for the K-7 grade level? Is it more appropriate for K-3 or 4-7, and why?
This lesson is better for K-2 grades. Beyond that grade most student have had some kind of training about telling time. The younger the student, the more the student will need to learn. Making the lesson fun is a way to get younger students to participate and learn at the same time.
5. How do the materials and activities apply to the science and math the students are currently learning?
These activities apply to everyday living, math and science. Sometimes there are math problems that require a person to answer math questions using time. Science uses time because chemicals may need to be timed which requires a person to know how to tell time and the knowledge of time passing.
6. Additional comments:
"Making clocks" should be given more time so students can decorate their clocks.
7. Any suggestions for making the lesson better?
Try to teach students around the same age level or grade level.

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