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Date: 12/12/07
Topic for workshop: Gravity
Instructor: Lateasha Shirer
Number of Students: 8

1. Provide a brief overview of the workshop (i.e. purpose, activities and materials):
The purpose of this lesson is to get the children familiar with gravity, how it works, and how it was discovered. The students were put into groups as I discussed, in detail, what was gravity and the results of gravity. I also discussed what places have little gravity and the difference between the moon's gravity and the Earth's gravity.
2. Did the students engage the workshop and ask questions?
The students completed a mini test on gravity using a website that had questions that we covered in the group discussions. The students commented on the information they already knew but I corrected the myths that they had about gravity.
3. Did the students seem to learn and understand the material? For example, can the students explain what they learned?
The students really understood the material and later explained the information they learned back to me. They also participated in a game where the space ship has to land on a stand that sits on a planet. The planet has a gravitational force that pulls the space ship into the planet. If the ship hits the planet, on any side other than the stand it sits on, then the ship will blow up.
4. Is this material appropriate for the K-7 grade level? Is it more appropriate for K-3 or 4-7, and why?
This material is appropriate for this level of grade school. The game is a fun way to interpret fun activities into the lesson. The game also gave the lesson a fun edge to it.
5. How do the materials and activities apply to the science and math the students are currently learning?
A lot of students are learning about gravity because it is science and it is a big part of our planet.
6. Do you have any suggestions for improving the lesson plans or activities to be more appropriate/effective for this age group?
Use different game with more details of gravity interpreted into it.

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