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Environmental Science

Several of the Student Science Enrichment Programs focus on environmental science. Students in Brevard College's Voice of the Rivers Program study river environments. Summer Ventures students at UNC-Wilmington study the ocean aboard a 45-foot research vessel. Warren Wilson college sponsors an Environmental Science Camp, and MAGIC, Inc. teaches science in garden eco-systems.

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Online Game/Activity
Carbonated Soda Lab
In this two-part lab, students determine the amount of sugar in several different brands of soda and compare the properties of diet and regular soda. The lab is intended to teach students about density.
Volcano world
This University of N. Dakota site features movies, maps, sounds, and information on volcanoes around the world. It has won numerous awards for being an excellent science site, because it has a bounty of information and interactive things to do.
USGS Educational Sites
Learn facts about Biology and Geology. This site covers information on Biology and Geology. Students can explore a volcano. They can learn interesting facts about that volcano, even find where the nearest one is located. Students can learn facts about birds from small to large. They can print out pictures and posters to hang anywhere. Choose from hundreds of birds from across the globe.
Smog City
This highly interactive web site allows students to investigate air quality, and the variables that influence air quality. Learn more about the influence of population growth, temperature, and wind on the quality of the air that we breathe!
Test your Earth Science Vocabulary

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