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Forensic Science

Every summer, SUCCEED students at the Shodor Education Foundation, Inc. will explore forensic science. These students learn to use computers to examine evidence and solve mysteries. Included on this page are some of the activities that students participate in every summer. Additionally, there are links to other forensic science sites that may be of interest.

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Online Game/Activity
DNA Extraction Lab
This lab can be done with materials commonly found in your kitchen and can easily be done at home. This lab may be used to teach students about the components of a cell by separating the DNA from the rest of the cells contents.
Who wrote the ransom note?
Use ink chromatography to determine which pen wrote a note. This lab can be done easily with materials commonly found around the house.
Online Mysteries
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Forensics Files
The activity explores forensic science. Although it is a commitment of some time, it is a fun game to play. There are some discoveries you have to make on your own but for the most part it "holds your hand" throughout. If you want to learn all about forensic science this one is for you. If you like puzzles and discovering stuff on your own this isn't what you're looking for.
River of Venom Mystery
This site is an interactive mystery that, in the process of solving the mystery, teaches you about allergic reactions.
Arctica Mystery
This site is another mystery solving site that gives you information and facts about possible cause of deaths in the arctic. The site allows you to experience what it is like to survive in the arctic and teaches you about the problems early explorers might have faced.
Shodor's Forensics Page
This page was created by and for Forensic Science students in the Shodor Education Foundation's summer SUCCEED workshops.
 True or False?

1. Fingerprinting was the first scientific system of identifying individuals.


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2. Forensic Entymology is the study of human bones.


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