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Medicine & the Biosciences

Students in many of the Student Science Enrichment Programs experience medical and biological research first-hand. This page includes activities that allow a student to explore epidemiology, phamacokinetics, anatomy and physiology without leaving home.

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Online Game/Activity
DNA Extraction Lab
This lab can be done with materials commonly found in your kitchen and can easily be done at home. This lab may be used to teach students about the components of a cell by separating the DNA from the rest of the cells contents.
Online Laboratories
The eSkeletons Project
This dynamic web site allows you to examine human osteology, or the study of human bones. You can rotate 3-D images of a real human skeleton.
Virtual Diabetes Patient
Choose a virtual diabetic patient from an extensive database. Your job is to select the correct type and frequency of insulin to maintain the patient's health.
Cat Dissection
The site, made by a professor at UC-Berkley is made up of step-by-step instructions on how to dissect a cat. The page is filled with movies and pictures that assist in the dissection. Overall this site gives the veiwer a better understanding of the anatomy of mammals.
Virtual Fly Lab
Design a male and female fly and mate them to view the next generation. Discover how characteristics are genetically inherited by analyzing the inheritance patterns of mutations.
Test Your Knowledge
1. Epidemiology is the study of:

the skin
the spread of disease

2. Pharmacokinetics is the study of:

length of illnesses
illegal drugs
the breakdown of drugs in the body

3. Physiology is the study of:

the workings of the body
carbonated sodas
the structures of the head

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