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Butterflies/Science of Flight

Did you know that there are over 1400 kinds of moths and butterflies in North Carolina? We can study butterflies to learn about the physics of flying, or study the geometrical properties of their beautiful wings. Many people plant special gardens to attract butterflies. Try some of the activities on this page or visit Magic Wings at the N.C. Museum of Life and Science to experience the beauty of butterflies.

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Online Game/Activity
Design your own butterfly wing pattern with our interactive software.
Build a Butterfly Garden
Information about Butterfly habits can help you to build a garden that will attract these creatures. Build a garden and use it to make observations, form and test hypothesis about butterflies.
Build a Manometer
A manometer measures the speed of air - follow these simple instructions to build your own!
Lift Force Experiments
When any object flies through the air, there are three basic forces that depend on the shape and air velocity of the object. These are weight, drag force (also called air resistance) and lift force. Use this acitivity to discover the relationship between air velocity and Lift Force?
True or False?


The english name "Butterfly" was named after creepy witches that fly into peoples homes and steal milk and butter.


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