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Welcome to the Games & Activities index. On the Games & Activities pages, you can find links to many games and activities in different areas of science, including sports science, the science of flight, forensic science, medicine, the Internet, the environment, and mathematics. Some of these games and activities are provided by Student Science Enrichment Program grant awardees, and others are links to educational sites that are not affiliated with the Burroughs Wellcome Fund's Student Science Enrichment Program. On the left, there is an index of all the catergories you can visit that is provided so that you can move quickly between them. Below are some links that take you to sites, similar to this one, that have many fun activites for you to try.

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NSCU's Science House
This interactive, newly reorganized site has many many great features for the user. Users learn about, experiment, and play around with science in many different catergories.
Exploratorium Learning Studio
This site has several different links to activities and experiments not unlike the ones found on the SSEP site.
Bill Nye The Science Guy's Web Site
A fun, interactive web site created by Bill Nye The Science Guy. You can also find out about Bill Nye's television appearances.

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