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Tuesday, Dec. 12

In Tuesday's class, students were at a variety of different stages in the completion of their sites. Some students were still working on designing or exporting to GIMPShop; others already had all their images ready to go. For those that were ready, Jonathan taught students how to create image maps for their sidebars. Image maps allow you to add multiple links to a single image. The links cover different regions of the image.

Image maps came in handy for the students since they had exported their sidebars (each containing multiple buttons) as single images. Jonathan demonstrated a program called Handy Image Mapper that allowed students to create image maps simply by drawing boxes with the mouse. Each box identified a region of the image that would link to a certain page.

Students went on to start coding their actual HTML pages. After a short review of HTML tags from the beginning of the class, students remembered how to make image tags that referenced their exported images. Their pages began to take shape.

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