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Examining the Output

Step 1 Quick Graphs and Tables

There is no default output for data generated in Vensim PLE simulations. Output can be viewed on quick graphs/tables, custom graphs/tables and interactively with SytheSim.

Quick Graphs and Tables

To view a graph or table of a single variable over time, choose the Select button ICON and click on the variable in question. On the left-hand toolbar, you should see the icons in the chart below. These are designed for quickly viewing variable values.


Causes Strip - This brings up a strip graph for the selected variable and any variables affecting it in a causal loop.


Graph - This brings up a graph of the selected variable over time.


Table - Displays values for the selected variable horizontally.


Table Time Down - Displays values for the selected variable over time vertically.

Quick Output Buttons

These buttons offer immediate access to data but are somewhat limited. You can only include one variable (other than Time itself) at a time on a graph or table.

Also, graphs and tables generated this way disappear as soon as you click outside of their window boundaries. You can prevent this by going to Windows and selecting Keep Build Behind.

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