iphone 2013
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The workshop started with Phil getting all of the students to download a new Xcode project called "dice". This project included some code that had been written by Phil. The app had a title on the very top of the screen along with two images of dice below it. At the very bottom of the screen were two columns filled with all the possible values that the sum of two dice could be and also a field for the total number of rolls that had been made. Clicking a button labeled "roll" would make the dice spin to a different face but would not change the text below that indicated past rolls.

The students had to make the records of the past rolls displayed below the dice images. They also had to make the app update the running total of how many times the dice had been rolled. The students could also make the images of dice look like they were rolling when the roll dice button was pressed. The students spent the rest of the day working on and improving this app with the help of the interns and staff. Some modifications that were suggested to the students included making the dice roll automatically every second and having the dice roll when the user shook the phone.