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Phil began class by doing a recap of what the students learned yesterday and opened the floor for any lingering questions the students had. He also asked the class questions to see how much they remembered from yesterday's class. He allowed the students to manipulate their previously made counter apps for about 20 minutes. The various changes that students made to their apps were increasing or decreasing the font size, count interval, and the size of the button. Next, Paul taught the class about operators in Objective C. He did his lecture through powerpoint and covered topics like expressions, unary & binary operators, arithmetic operators, compounds, and logical operators. He used examples on the board to further explain to the students what each type of operator was. He used equations and "if/then" statements, which helped to explain how operators are implemented into programming. Keith explained increment operators by writing out examples on the board.

Next, the class was broken into groups of 3 or 4 to complete an exercise. The exercise was in the form of a questionnaire filled with operator equations and true false statements. For students who wanted even more of a challenge, there was a second sheet of the questionnaire that contained a truth table. The exercise was both interesting and challenging for the students. Some groups finished the whole questionnaire.

After the break, Phil did a presentation on arrays. He explained what an array is and how to make and implement one. He explained the implementation of arrays by writing it in code form. Next, they created an app that made use of arrays. The app was Ernie dancing on the screen. Some students changed the speed of the app to make it look like Ernie was spinning and twirling.