Graphics and Visualization 2009
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Today in class, the students learned how to use the application Google Sketchup. Google Sketchup is a 3-dimensional modeling program designed for architects, civil engineers, filmmakers, game developers, and related professions. The workshop students learned how to utilize some of the basic tools of the program such as creating 3-D shapes and adding color. Afterwards they had some free time to create their own objects.

After break, the students learned how to upload their 3-D objects to Google Earth, a virtual globe, map and geographic information program. They were able to place and view the objects they created onto any place on Google Earth. Through this program, the students learned how to create models and place them in a virtual world.

In the afternoon, students learned how to use applications such as inkscape and gimpshop. Along with these applications, students used Microsoft Excel (2008 edition) to view images in bitmap. The teachers had a number puzzle set up for the students to view and gave them an opportunity to "solve the puzzle". After the students were done trying to figure out the puzzle, they were told to plug the numbers into Excel so that they could figure out the real answer as a group. They then made a graph on Excel based on the numbers and were surprised by how the puzzle ended.