Forensic Science B 2005
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this week was a good week. i had a lot of fun. i didnt think i would win. i had so much fun. and i will do it again. did i mention that today was a good day? cause today was a good day.


Today we learned about how being a lawyer is very very hard. Also we figured out that if you want to prove someone innocent also why you can\'t use facts if you are not 100% sure and Matt was a good teacher.


I\'m kinda upset about how the trial ended up because Ellie just got on the stand and flat out lied which we didn\'t let Bobby do. That was messed up and this is the second fake trial that I, being on the prosecution, has lost because we didn\'t prove our side. What the defense needs to realize is that they didn\'t win because they proved that Ellie didn\'t do it but because we didn\'t prove she did. That kinda makes me mad about how some people on the defense were bragging. Other than that I had fun this week. The teachers were really cool (Bobby and Matt)....I had a really fun time and might come back next year.


Today was really fun. I liked the Jury thing we did. Even though we didn\'t win but thats okay it was fun anyway.


im so happy an sad that today is the last daty because i dont have to get up like at 11 anymore an im sad because ive met new friends in a short period of time! well the whole week felt like a new fun day! anyway today was fun an i will come again


today was very fun. the trial was cool and i didnt matter who won or lost! i thoght people were mean about how we won. we had no choice to make the people lie. it was fun...


Today we finish the case it was kinda fake because the jury the one man was acting way to serious about it it was our first time doing it i think we did a very good job and that we had enough evidence to convit eille


the trial was bad, we didnt know how to do anything so it was pretty unprofessionals and we didn\'t have enough time.