Forensic Science B 2005
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WE posed as the csi agents. we did agood job


I loved today! it was really iteresting to make those cases and obsrvations!!!
Thnkx, alden


today was a mystery case. And boy this was hard and confusin\'. But overall it was ok in the end. But as we were workin\' togethur people started spillin\' info to people


today was fun and interesting we are trying or have already solved a case where someone\'s computer was stole and we are trying to figure out who did it.


today was the best day. we asked people a whole lot of questions and we cracked the case. the teachers were awesome and it was all cool.


today was fun, we spent it all sovling a case involving a stolen computer, blackmail, threats, and changing grades


Today we had ro figure a case out. It was very hard because we were in a group but when we split up it was very easy and we figure it out. Ellie stole Kar\'s computer and Amanda was in it to and know I will have to prove to the jury that Ellie is innocent and Amanda had nothing to do with it. Also Bobby will be proven guilty and Ellie innocent and the people in it were very good actors and Matt kept the secert.


Today we started our own "case" where Karthic\'s laptop and we solved it pretty fast. We figured out that Ellie did it because Amanda was paying her to change her GPA so that she would have a better chance of getting into Duke and Bobby overheard them talking and blackmailed Ellie so that she wouldn\'t tell. Their trial is tomorrow and we\'ve given Bobby immunity. It is a lot of fun and I can\'t wait until tomorrow. I love trials and am soooo happy im on prosecution.


Today was really fun. We did this investigating case where someone\'s computer was stolen and we had to find out who did it by investigating and questioning suspects. I liked it a lot. Matt was also great at letting us question anyone we want. Also Bobby was a very experianced acter.