Forensic Science B 2005
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Today we worked o putting a marker piece on a piece of paper and watched the color spread Bobby is one the best


Today we look at DNA and we watched it grow. It was very fun. Then we did an experiment and we put an marker on a napkin and we tested the theroy so we use water then alcohol the alcohol made the colors change. It was very interesting and fun at the same time.


tody was a fabulous day in foresic science. We tried to solve a mystery about these people in europe. Who theses people were massacured. And we knew that anastasia was not of a certain family. and bobby was a good teacher today and i enjoyed it


Today we learned that you could use DNA to find your parents match, also we learned about how you can find a pens match. You would need this for finding a randsom note and who wrote it.


today was fun but we learned more yesterday
"today.... was a Good Day." - Matt Lathrop


Today we had a different teaccher than on the other days. Today we had Bobby teach us. I really enjoyed the activity that she had us do. We learned about forensics and Russian history at the same time. I had a lot of fun today with the part about Anastasia and the other Romanovs but I didn\'t really like the about the inks. That wasn\'t that interesting to me. Other than that I had a great time with Bobby teaching.


Today we learned how to get dna from a pen. But first bobby made do this long graph anput this family that was killed along time ago!


I enjoyed what we did today. Bobby was a really good teacher . She taught with inthuciasm. And explained things really well.


I really liked today... The teachers are fun! I had fun learning about the dna and mitochondrial dna!
Alden Rose


today was a good day. we learned a lot and had a lot of fun. we did pen dna thingies. and the teachers were really cool.