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Candid Student Reports

The following (emails) were written by members of the Modeling Your World, Session A, 2000 during the second day of the program. Some elements may have been removed for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.

 Today was my first day of camp.  The teachers were really fun to talk to,
and the other campers were really nice.  I especially liked experimenting with
the forest fires.  "Seed, Bush, Tree" was fun, too. Finding about the O-Zone
that was pollution. I Also liked looking at Storm.  I'm really looking forward
to camp tomorrow!! 


Today I was more then ready to go to sleep. I liked playing "Seed, Bush, Tree". I liked learning about the forest fire and how they spread. I had fun using the computers with the forest. Today I did, learn alot. I really like Stephanie as a teacher!!

Today I thought class was kind of boring because of that ozone layer thing, I wasn't too interested in that. The forest fire thing was cool and it helped me learn more about preventing forest fires and how they spread. I liked the game "Seed, Bush, Tree," that we played. It was fun and I didn't lose which made it a lot better. I love to talk with the teachers in my spare time and they are fun to be around.
Sophia and Tekoa

Today in Internet Science Explorations we learned how to use the program called Stella. We also thaught that the Stella program was a very useful tool. We also learned about the simulation, rabbits. and wolves.

I enjoyed the forest fire activity. It helped me learn a lot about how forest fires work. Also, I enjoyed learning about ozone, and what contributes to it. I think that this could have been improved if the teacheres were better at troubleshooting problems with the ozone simulation program.

I had a great day. Today I saw a simultion of forest fires. I learned how they spread. I also learned air actually contains lead! Thanks.

I learned about different ozone pollution

Today in Modeling Your World we worked on the ozone layer. At the first session we discussed forest fires, the causes, and some stuff with a rope. We simulated forest fires on the internet which was also fun. When we got back from the break we did things dealing with the VOx, NOx, and confusing things. I eventually got the hang of it but I am still a little questionable. It was a good day, and please excuse the spelling errors(i'm ready to get to lunch).

Today we had fun.We liked the ozone activity.
Ryan & Ben

It (even though I know "it" is an unscientific word) was fun. The forest fires were interesting to watch. The ozone part was confusing, but that could be because I wasn't listening to instructions. I thought it was enjoyable.

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