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Candid Student Reports

The following (emails) were written by members of the Modeling Your World, Session A during the fifth day of the program. Some elements may have been removed for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.


Today I had fun.


We learned about the US population and we did a complimenting session
with M&M's.

Greg and Jon

Today we made a graph on the populations of certain countries. We
used Stela to do so the week has been interesting.


The model was really fun.  The M&M Game was fun.The
Population/birth/death/migrant rate thing was fun.


Today was off the hook.  I had so much fun.  I got two new
shirts and a certificate.  I ate M&M's.  I just had fun all together.


I did not really understand the activity with the water molecule.  It
had not been explained to me why the angle of a molecule would affect its
energy.  if this had been explained it would have been better.  The Stella
exercise helped my understanding of the program.  


I thought this program was cool and I liked it a lot.  I liked the
stuff we did with Bob2 a lot and also Bob1.  I liked the other teachers and
"scientists" who were really helpful.  Thank You!


I love this camp.  I had alot of fun and now I want to come back
but all the sessions are taken.  Oh well I just hope I can come back next year.
I want to compliment Bob1 on such a great program and also to all of the
employees, teachers, and Bob2. This program helped me with my computer skills.  
I really liked all of the material and the way it was taught.  It's a 
great camp and I hope everyone else appreciated and liked the camp as much as I did.


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