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Candid Student Reports

The following (emails) were written by members of the Modeling Your World, Session A during the fourth day of the program. Some elements may have been removed for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.

Today was ok.  I liked the game we played outside.
I kind of like the thing we did with Bob1.


Today was ok. I liked the outdoor game where we were
all linked and had to un knot ourselves.


Today was fun.


Today has been a great day.  Today we learned how to 
Optimize, Anneal, and learned how to Palette on a computer.  
We also worked on a model that was about the cooling 
temperature of water.

Ben and James

Today I had fun.  Bob2 worked with us in Stella on some 
heating and cooling experiments.  After the break we went 
outside and got in groups.  Everybody closed their eyes 
and grabbed someone's hand and we all untangled wothout 
letting go of each others hand.

Bob1 then worked with us on the computer doing simulated annealing and optimization. I had fun today and time went by fast so that means I was occupied, challenged, and having fun.


Today, we had fun and we played games.  We like a lot of 
what we did and we enjoyed Bob2.  He is a really nice man 
and we are glad that he made up Shodor.  We hope that he 
teaches again and that he shows us some more cool stuff.

Lauren and John

I liked doing the cooling exercise today. However, I did 
not understand much of what weas going on in the program.  
The exercises using the Surface program were very fun because 
of their easy-to-understand nature.Today would have been 
better if I had understood more of what was going on in the 
cooling exercise


Today was fun.I liked the things that Bob1 talked about.  
I liked playing with the electrons.  Untangling ourselves 
was really fun too.  I like making models.  Trying to get 
the rates down to 0 was fun.  See ya tomorow!


The best thing we did today was the human knot game. The 
surface electron simulation was ok and I liked the cooling 


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