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June 20, 2000

Today began with the students brainstorming about how forest fires get started. Some ideas that they came up with included burning cigarettes, controlled burns campfires, lightning and fireworks. Next, they used a website called Fire! to demonstrate the probability of each of their ideas to start a forest fire.

After the students each found the probability of a forest fire beginning with their particular idea they graphed the classes results using simple plot. They used a line graph to show the results and how many trees would usually burn in a specific situation. Later, the students went to a website called a better fire! This website allowed for each student to change the number of tree the density and the wind factor that are all factors that go into the spread of a forest fire.

The students then began to think about all the different thing that someone could do with a rope. After break they began to work in OZone Isopleth Plotting. This program outlined the pollutants and different things in the ozone layers and atmosphere and how they effect the earth's organisms in a given place. On the computer the students were able to model what the atmosphere was like in a specific point at a specific time and with specific weather conditions. The program they used only allowed for Five computers to be on at a time so the students had to work in groups of two and three. Once they completed the exercise the students went to the back of the office and visited Storm the computer that the program was running on and learned about the power that it takes for computers to run on.

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