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June 21, 2000

Students were given a challenge of the day to begin class with by finding a picture that Christina pulled up from a website. They had to find the website that she got it from. Next the students were challenged by Christina again but, this time they had to figure out how the safety seal was still down on a spaghetti jar yet what was in the jar was not spaghetti sauce.

The students then went outside and played Hare and Sharks. Hare and Sharks is an excercise in which the sharks chase the hares and catch them and the students who were the hares that got caught had to sit out. After a few minutes the hares could get back up because of the rate at which they reproduce. This was a model of how population is the reflection of deaths and births.

When the students came back inside they used a program called Stella to model the growth of a population on the computer. After the excercise was completed the class had a discussion analyzing the results of the computer model. They talked about why each population grew or decreased at a particular time.

After break the students began to discuss diabetes. They used the computer to model a person with diabetes. The program that they used allowed them to give her (the diabetes model) insulin as it was needed. The students goals were to get the lady's blood sugar level down to at least 200 and higher than 130. Once the students got as close as they could they began to talk about the results that they got.

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