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June 19, 2000

On the first day of class the students were introduced to the staff. Next Bob 2 taught the class the three kinds of sciences that they would be applying, computational, theoretical, experimental, and observational sciences. They also went outside to demonstrate how they coud be observational science by using a rope and seeing how many different ways it could be used to model something.

Later the students began an activity led by Christina. Each student was given a name tag that they could not see but everybody else could. The goal was to figure out the name you were given by asking the other students yes or no questions. This showed the students that they can ask good questions that narrow down what the name can be.

Next, the students studied galaxies and how they can be modeled using computers with Dave. The students specifically worked with a program called GalaxSee to model different shapes of galaxies and how they act over long periods of time. To finish, they introduced black holes to the galaxies and saw how they can affect things.

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