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June 22, 2000

Today class began with Bob2 teaching the students using Stella. With Stella the students modeled the rate in which water will cool from a boiling point in different types of containers. The students first made hypothesis of which container would stay warm the longest.

After the break the students played the human knot game in which they all had to grab hands and tangle their arms together and come out of the knot without letting their hands go. In the beginning the students were uncomfortable because they were all clumped together. In the end, they were as far from each other as possible while still holding hands. This is similar to how electrons in an atom attempt to be at their lowest energy level, as far from other electrons as possible.

Later, the students came in side for a lesson from Bob1. Bob1 used a program called SimSurface. This program allows each student to model electrons and the way they react with things around them. Bob1 then gave the students directions to give the computer. Once the computer executed the actions the class would discuss the reactions that each electron had and compared results.

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