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September 3rd, 2004


I also wrote an array data type for C++, which you can download from me here. This little gem extends the concept of an array in C++ to a class. You can access every item in the list using array ([]) notation, but it checks to make sure you are not trying to access elements in the array that don’t (necessarily) exist. It also maintains its own size, and has a couple other feature I’ll let you discover. There’s a full interface reference listed at the top of the file, so you should have no problem figuring out how it works.

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September 1st, 2004

new projects

I am working on a couple different projects right now. Yesterday I went through the ISE materials, making sure links work. The old main page, though, had lots of code problems. If you do a view source on the page, you will see that it was generated from a Word document. Yuck. To fix that, I stripped the actual text out of the page, created a new html file, and copied the text into it. Then I built a css file to handle the look and feel for the site (actually 2, one for the main page, one for subpages), and reduced the size of the file from about 20 down to 2 Kbytes.

The other project I’m working on is to set up a simple database from scratch and hook it into a php front-end. Garrett indicated that he’d like me to teach him how to do database design, but with our (mostly) conflicting schedules, he just wants me to build this one and hook it all together by myself. So that’s what I’m doing.

In other news, I had to withdraw from Elon for the semester. In switching from full-time to part-time enrollment, they decided to reevaluate my financial aid (which they did not do last year), so I was unable to attend this fall semester. However, I have had a couple projects come up to work on outside of here which I would not have had much time for if I were in class during the week. And I will be reenrolled for the spring semester, so this is just a bit of a break for me.

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