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December 9th, 2006

the joy of the typo

I’ve been working on a programming project for a couple days, and updated my string library (strfuncs.h) to include some spiffy string cleaning functions. I now have a utility to strip all instances of a single character, or all instances of a string of characters from another string.

However, in writing the library yesterday, I failed to notice that I had typed a ‘c’ instead of ‘k’. Yep, that’s right - I broke the entire function by one character.

Gotta love the typo.

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December 8th, 2006

updated lcgp class header

If you’re in the market for a pseudo-random number generator (prng) for your C++ development activities, I have just updated my linear congruential generator with perturbations (lcgp) class header. There is now a flag to account for adjusting the range of returned random numbers from 0..(modulus-1) to 1..modulus. The header is available here: lcgp.h.

And yes, I think this is fun.

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December 5th, 2006

network monitoring

I’ve been somewhat unsuccessful in getting the new network monitoring up and running. I’ve been trying to get OpenNMS to run, and while getting tomcat5 installed and running under FC6 was straight-forward enough, getting OpenNMS to install keeps returning errors on install.

I’ve also been playing with the most recent edition of Nagios to get a side-by-side comparison. That one’s easier to install, but configuring it is harder.

Oh well, I guess I was expecting too much to just download the packages, run rpm, and have everything magically work.

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