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June 29th, 2006

a brief note about vmware

apparently, you cannot use XFS as your file system when installing Linux inside of VMware - the installer will get really close to finishing then die

a word to the wise from the VOE

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June 20th, 2006

receiving lines

Ah the joys of Shodor in the summer: capers and odaa.

Unlike home when I was growing up, Shodor doesn’t out and out call the random extraneous chores they have interns (and to a lesser extent apprentices) do chores, per se. Nope, here they’re capers. Shodor capers are (often rudimentary) tasks that need to be done to keep the whole operation running smoothly (take care of recycling, answer the phones, check kids in, watch kids at lunch and break, etc.

Today I got pegged to handle the reception desk. Answering the phone, receiving packages, making sure kids get checked-in and -out correctly, ordering pizza for a workshop lunch - it was fun. Unfortunately, since I’m only in the office on a once-a-week basis, I don’t get to do this again all summer.

Being on reception desk duty also makes for no odaa calls, or ‘other duties as assigned’. Really, the capers are odaa, but it’s planned ahead of time, rather than a ‘I need help moving these shelves and boxes from the lobby to the office, emptying the boxes, and then schlepping the cardboard to the recyle area’ type of last-minute request.

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June 3rd, 2006

summer has begun

Or at least it has approximately begun. Shodor’s summer season starts the first week in June and runs through the end of August. I will be in Tuesdays, and some other random times throughout the summer.

And to kick everything off will be Shodor’s orientation week for interns and apprentices running from 5-9 June. Looks like a good summer.

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