May 5th Today Andrew and I finished our model and presented it to the rest of the apprentices. Our presentation went fairly well, and I think that our audience understood our model and the way we built it. The model still could be improved by adding the ability of the prey to eat grass and a better system of food level that gives a food level to each agent instead of giving one shared food value to the predators.
April 28th I continued to work on the remaking of the Javascript models. We started with some code that we were given that created a grid for the agents to work on. We began to create the prey of the predator-prey model and have it move around randomly. There are still a few issues with the model at this point. Hopefully we will fix these issues next week and be on time for our project to be completed by the deadline.
April 14th On this day we started a Javascript project to remake one of the models we had made in another language in Javascript. Javascript is a much more difficult language than any of the languages that we have tried to model in so far, and it is not exactly the best language for modeling. It is certainly more difficult than AgentSheets and Netlogo. The model I decided to make with Andrew is one that models Predator-Prey relationships.
March 17th This was the third and last day of the javascript workshop. The main concept that we learned on this day was learning about objects, a very important programming concept. These objects make it much easier to understand code and fix errors. Near the end of the session I was tasked to create this website using javascript. It randomly chooses six colors and sets the colors of each of the boxes, waiting one second in between. It is also able to the text white if the box the text is in becomes a dark color.
March 10th This was the second day of the javascript workshop. On this day we were able to explore more more advanced features of Javascript. One of the programming challenges completed by me on this day was one that displayed a simple calendar and could take inputs from the user. Using javascript in websites makes them able to be much more dynamic than a website using only CSS and HTML could be. This workshop also taught some important concepts of programming and how to use them.
March 3rd This day was the first one we spent on a three week javascript workshop. We began to learn the basics of javascript, and I learned three simple javascript concepts. These concepts were strings, which are variables made up of text; for loops, which run through certain commands incrementing a variable each time; and input boxes, which allow the user to give inputs which can then be used by the program.
February 18th I missed this day of class.
February 11th Today we studied probability: we were given some interesting problems to learn probability. The most interesting one involved a family tree where each person has two children and the children have a certain chance of surviving to have two children. The goal is to find the probability that the family tree will live forever for a varying probabilities of survival chance.