August 3nd Today I was documenting an SSP workshop. This day the workshop students were working on making models with either Netlogo, AgentSheets, or Vensim. Durning this time I was documenting what was going on by taking pictures or helping the SSP students with their projects.
August 2nd Today I finished adding all my content onto the Apprentice Portal page and started editing the CSS of the page. Unfortuatly some elements, the top banner and the footer, cannot be changed, so I had to work around them without being able to change their color, so I had to chose colors that went with the red of those elements.
August 1st I finished adding my PHP projects to the Apprentice Portal. I had to change all of them to be able to fit into PageRender. For example, I could not use the echo command, but store all the things I wanted to display in a variable and then load it into page render. Additionally, the GETs and POSTs I used conflicted with the ones that were used on the site itself. This also had to be resolved.
July 31th I continued to work of the Apprentice Portal project. I learned how to add PHP to the project while uploading my Javascript model that relied upon it. The method for uploadng PHP is much more difficult than adding CSS or JavaScript. I finished uploading my JavaScript and then started uploading my graphics.
July 30th Today I continued to work on the Apprentice Portal project. I added new pages for more of my portfolio pages. I began to add my Javascript to the Apprentice Portal project. At some point tommorow I plan to finish adding my PHP and then begin adding my PHP to the portfolio. Afterwards I will begin on the image and graphics.
July 27th Today was the first day that I began adding content to my Apprentice Portal using PageRender. I now understand enought of PageRender and Snap2 to add pages. Howeber, I do no now how to add PHP or Javascript yet, but I will hopefully figure this out next week.
July 26th Today an former intern at Shodor, Monte, taught us about databases. Most of the class we learned about the theory of data bases: how they are arranged and how they are set up. After luch we started to work with a database program, mySQL, to manipulate databases. Databases are useful as they can store large amounts of data that can be searched very quickly.
July 25th After finishing the PHP tutorial projects today, I started the Apprentice Portal project where we are to preseve our work at Shodor by remaking out portfolio in anther website that will continue to exist after out apprentice accounts are deleted. The page will be created with PageRender and Snap2.
July 24rd I finished the PHP tutorial projects on this day. The projects that I completed today included learning about setting cookies, which are pieces of information that are stored on the user's computer and can be used to remeber prefrences that the user can set. I also did another one that generate a calendar.
July 23rd After skipping one block for a vacation, I started learning PHP from a tutorial on W3 schools. PHP is run on the server and it is useful in creating dynamic webpages. I began working on some PHP challenges, some of which were very similar to ones I had already done in Javascript. These challenges served as another introduction into using PHP.