June 29th I finished a new version of my website today based on the website concept that is based on the one that I created on June 27th. I finished it today and moved all the information from my blog and portfolio pages to the new site then replaced the site. The newer site is more visually pleasing and is easier to navigate.
June 28th On this day of the graphics week I worked on making more logo designs for myself. I began to create the website design that I created the day before in Inkscape. The sizes of things are determined using percentages so different sizes of screen should show the website properly. I also watched a tutorial on a CSS feature called "Media Queries"
June 27th Today I worked more on website concepts and manipulating pictures of Ernie. The website concept I created today was much more reasonable than the one I created yesterday. It would also be much easier to implement onto my website. I think that it is a better design than the current one that I have as my website.
June 26th Today we learned more about graphics and image manipulation. I learned some more gimp and I finished the design of my logo. I still need to color that image, but what colors I choose depends on what I decide the color scheme of the website to be. Tomorrow I plan to implement the logo into my website.
June 25th Today was more instruction than the previous week: we started learning about graphics and web design. We learned two different tools for image creation: Inkscape and GIMP. The first is a vector graphic editor and the second is a bitmap editor. We went through tutorials for both of these, and then created a simple redesign of the website.
June 22nd During the last day of the first week of the summer, I finished off my models in Excel and Agentsheets and then watched some of the other apprentices give presentions of their models to the rest of us. I then put the model on my website and worked on teaching myself some basic tools of GIMP.
June 21st Today I finished up the model and fixed all the small errors I had earlier. I also improved the balance of the model so that one of the species does very quickly make the other extinct. I took a small break and made some pixel art and then worked on the balance of the model a bit more. I uploaded it to my portfolio after fixing more errors.
June 20th Today in the morning I added another system of movemet for the deer where they can smell grass and move towards it. I added the ablity for the user to be able to change te behaviors of the different agents by changing one of the properties of the simulation. Unfortunately Agentsheets have has no way to create an inteface like NetLogo does: In NetLogo I culd have used a toggle switch to chang the behaviors, but in Agentsheets the user has to change a variable in the simulation properties. Afterwards I started working on an Excel model of the same thing.
June 19th Today was another workday on the predator-prey model that I started yesterday. I was able to finish the predator by lunch, as it was mostly the same as the prey, but it had to eat deer instead of grass. After lunch, I used a system of scent for the lynx to be able to follow the deer. After I finished this, the deer always died as the lynx was able to find and eat them very quickly, so I let the deer run away from the scent that the lynx followed.
June 18th Today I started on a project involving making an agent-based model based only on a description in paragraph form of what the model would be. The paragraph described a predator-prey relationships between lynx and deer. In the morning, I started writing the design document for the model, and then started on the grass and the prey. By lunch, the prey was able to move around and eat grass. By the end of the day, the prey were completed and I started on the predator.