Welcome to Lucia's Portfolio Website

Graphics Projects

This link leads to the website containing all of the different graphics projects I completed during Block 1. I used both Inkscape and Gimp to create logos and icons, edit photos, and create my portfolio website plan.

Responsive Web Design Tutorial Website

This was a tutorial I followed to create a responsive design website using HTML and CSS. The tutorial took us through how to create all of the different section of the website and to modify some of the CSS for mobile users.

Haber Process Modeling Project

This is my summer modeling project for Block 1. I chose to model the Haber Process, which is a chemical reaction that produces ammonia. I created an agent model using Javascript and a system model using Vensim to model the reaction itself and how the rate and productivity is affected by changes in temperature, pressure, and concentration.

Krista's PHP Projects

This is the website for my PHP projects from Block 2. These projects include a random hex code generator, a dice roller, an XML blog, and more. The website was also rendered using PHP.

Dynamic Embedded Website

This website was a demo where we learned how to create dynamic websites using embedded PHP in HTML. We created one main PHP document that built the framework for the entire website and pulled the content from different HTML pages.

Dynamic Render Website

We completed part of this website during a tutorial with Ernie where we learned how to render webpages in PHP with rendering systems and how to manage forms in the rendered websites. It also contains the coin flip model I built in PHP with a form for the number of flips.

Coin Flip Database Demo

This project was a demo we did with Ernie to teach us about connecting PHP and MySQL so that you could connect to a database and send MySQL queries in order to add user input into the database and output old data. I used this project to help me create my own dice roll database project.

Dice Roll Database

This was a Block 3 project using the dice statistics PHP project from Krista's projects. The user inputs information and rolls the dice, and all of these results are added to a database, and then all of the existing data in the database is output to the user.



Water CSS



These five projects were part of my libraries research project. I chose 5 different CSS or JS libraries to research and created simple webpage mockup examples for each of them. JQuery is a JS library, while the others are CSS libraries.