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Excel Modeling 1

This Excel document contains a sheet that randomly generates either dominant or recessive in each cell, and tells you how many dominant cells there are. It also contains another sheet with a slider that controls the number of cats and updates the total number of pets.

Excel Modeling 2

This Excel document contains a sheet that evaluates the solution to the equation x = sqrt(x + 7.316). It also contains a sheet that uses numbers and a color scale that models the diffusion of heat across a room.

Excel Simple Population

This Excel document is a model of a rabbit population with sliders for birth rate and competition.

Rabbits with Competition Vensim

This Vensim model is a similar model of a rabbit population that factors in competition to create a logistic curve.

Durham Population



Rabbits with Carrying Capacity

These four vensim models were short mini projects that helped us learn more about Vensim. The Durham population and temperature models showed linear relationships, with the Durham population increasing and the temperature decreasing. The fermium-252 model showed the exponential decay of an element. The rabbit carrying capacity model showed the logistic growth of a rabbit population, and added a carrying capacity for the environment on to the previous rabbit model with competition.

AgentCubes Disease Model

This link is to the AgentCubes model we created in class for a classic disease model, where people move around and sick people can infect healthy people if they are in contact.

Group Project 1

This link goes to the website for my first fall group project. I worked with Judy to create Vensim and Agent models for an arctic environment food chain with interdependent populations of polar bears, seals, and fish. We also factored in the impact of melting sea ice on the polar bear and seal populations.

HTML Project

This project introduced us to HTML and CSS and helped us create the format for our first HTML website.