math 2015
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Building on the material about algorithms from day 1, today our theme was algorithms in different applications. We discussed fractions and functions for the most part, but also introduced surface area and volume.

We used three different Interactivate activities for fractions: Equivalent Fractions Finder, Fraction Finder and Fraction Sorter. These allowed students to determine rules for comparing fractions- a topic that many students tend to struggle with.

We transitioned into functions by playing the Maze Game, which also helped students find algorithms for the most effective way to navigate around obstacles. Then, the Linear Function Machine helped students understand input and output. The Slope Slider allowed students to understand how slope affects the appearance of a line. Then the Function Flyer took it a step further and allowed students to explore the different variables in a quadratic equation. The Equation Solver brought it all together and gave students the opportunity to solve linear equations in as few steps as possible.

We also showed students the Transmographer to show the effect of translations, reflections and rotations. To bring in a little bit of an awe factor, we also showed students the 3D Transmographer to look at the revolution of shapes. We finished up with the Surface Area & Volume activity, in which students looked at the relationship between the two measurements.