math 2015
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We started off the day with explorations and a simple math problem: add 395+424. Students were prompted to find as many ways as possible to solve the problem. The theme for the day was “algorithms”, so students were expected to understand that an algorithm is another word for a rule that can be applied to all types of problems within a certain parameter.

Students used the Venn Diagram Shape Sorter activity to understand procedures for identifying rules. To recognize patterns, students used the Tessellate! and Floor Tiles activities. We played the game “Green Glass Door” to help students recognize patterns and rules as well.

After the break we started with factorizing, specifically making use of Factorize and Shape Builder to demonstrate the concept of factors. The question was posed: If you have 48ft of fence, what is the largest area you can contain? We finished with MasterMind to help them determine the most effective way to solve the game. Finally we did reflections and finished up the day.