programmingMS 2013
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The workshop began with a review session of day 4. Joel explained topics like JavaScript functions and loops by giving some simple examples. Then, Rahul took over the lecture to explain JavaScript objects. He taught what an object is, why it's used in JavaScript, and how objects can be declared by using direct instances and function constructor declaration types. He further explained his point by using some day-to-day examples like automobiles and laptops. Then, as an exercise students edited the FinalProject.js file by declaring objects, adding properties, creating functions and running the corresponding HTML file. Students were able to see the text, which were provided by using objects. Students enjoyed this exercise and learned the concepts of Objects.

To explain "Canvas", Eric H. used a small application, which showed how coordinates are able to change various properties. By changing the values of X and Y coordinates using a slider, the shape and filling of objects differed and changed. For an exercise, they used canvas.js files where they needed to use context and methods to run the changing position square application. By running corresponding HTML files, students saw the effects of using canvas methods.