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The second day of the Programming Concepts workshop started with a review of the previous day's lesson that was led by Joel. The review covered different types of data types and how to create and assign values to different variables.

Afterwards, the students were introduced to arithmetic operators in order to perform simple math operations such as adding and subtracting using user created variables. They were also introduced to comparison operators, which are used to determine if a given condition is true.

The students were then given a brief period to work individually and experiment with the operators they had learned. The next topic, taught by Rahul was arrays. Rahul's array lesson explained how an array is a collection of similar values used in programming and explained the two main ways they can be created in Javascript. To reinforce the concepts learned, Rahul led the class through creating two different arrays inside a model.

To conclude the day, Eric introduced the concept of conditional statements. The lesson revolved around how to use "if and else" statements together to determine a course of action based on given values.