forensics 2013
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The forensic workshop began with Levi introducing the students to algorithms by using a card trick. First the dealer must obtain 10 cards and have the participant choose 1 of the 10 cards. The dealer must then remember the position of the card from the top card of the deck. After the participant picks the card, the dealer puts 5 cards from the top to the bottom of the deck and then the same number of cards as the position number of the chosen card from the top of the deck to the bottom as well. Lastly, the dealer places the next top card on the bottom and the following card of the table. The dealer repeats the last process until there is only one card remaining. The algorithm used in the card trick makes sure that the chosen card remains as the last card. Eric and Sara then took over the workshop after Levi's introduction to algorithms. The lesson of algorithms was then used to introduce the process of affluent ciphering and simply ciphering. The students used their new knowledge of algorithms and ciphering to translate a suicide note from the murder. As it turns out Kristen was the murderer. The afternoon class closed with a trial by the students that found Kristen to be guilty.