forensics 2013
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The class began with a discussion of handwriting analysis and learning the four characteristics to look for when categorizing and comparing a handwriting sample. They then put this knowledge into practice by analyzing a number of samples from the "suspect pool", along with the note, and then compared them to find the most likely match.

The next subject discussed was ink chromatography. The students learned about the chemical components of ink, how each type of ink has a unique chemical profile, and how the process of chromatography can be used to identify inks. After learning the theory, they made their own chromatographs in order to locate the suspect pen that the note was written in.

Finally, they were introduced to the concept of projectile motion, which encompassed the ideas of vectors, velocity, and acceleration. They used Newton's equations of motion to model the fall of the body from the roof to determine that the initial velocity must have required a push (it was no accident).