Biomedical Sciences 2001
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In the morning, the students all worked on polishing their presentations, practicing them and making sure each member of the group knew what to do. By lunchtime, all groups had basically finished, and Bob just had to get them on one main computer for the presentation after lunch. Then, at 1:30, the reason for the whole week of work unfolded. Each group presented what they knew about osteoporosis, MAOIs, diabetes, and ebola. They also got to see the presentation of the other project that had been going on all week, Scientific Computing. Everybody got to answer questions posed by staff and interns of Shodor, as well as queries asked by fellow students.

After the presentation, everyone received SUCCEED T-shirts, certificates for participating in the workshop, and they all went outside to have a class picture taken. The students filled out a questionnaire and made their final reports, and then they went home.