Biomedical Sciences 2001
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In the morning the class started with Bob2 showing students a more complicated model of the heart than what they did yesterday. They observed on the graph the pulsing of the heart. Later they move into Mac Spartan® where they made H20 as an intro to Spartan. Bob2 taught the class about ELPOT. And then they made an aspirin model where they could look at the ELPOT and study the different charges.

Kismet then showed the class her Media project she did last year. It was about drug metabolism. The purpose of this was to show the class what they will be doing later in the week, which is pick a topic that they would like to research on and then present about it. Today is in fact the day that they picked their projects.

Bob2 introduced to the class the different topics that they have to choose from for their projects. Some of the areas the students chose to look into were epidemiology, physiology and a really big Stella TM model about African sleeping disease. All the students have already picked their topics. The students spend the rest of the afternoon working the their projects. One group of students is doing epidemiology, another Amos.