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Candid Student Reports

The following (emails) were written by members of the ISE class during the second session of the program. Some elements may have been removed for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.

Today in Internet Explorations I learned that sometimes people make mistakes, for example, the straw experiment, what is thought of as being accurate, can be completely wrong. In my bow of straws the measurement on the box was incorrect, the lenghths were uneven, and the measurement for a centimeter in relation to a inch was incorrect. The company may have been trying as hard as they could, but it was still inaccurate.

Sonny Haynes

Today we learned that not everything on the internet is true and a lot of times when it is transferd from place to place and it goes from people to people the imformation most of the time keeps changing. So that the information turns out not true. We came to this conclution when we played "Telephone." We learned lots of other stuff that was interesting. We both thout it was fun though when we whent on Globol Chat thats always the best thing of the day.

Annie and Labonne

Today we learned epidemiology which is the study of how diseases spread. We learned that when you make a model you must know the infection, recovery rate, infected population, susected population, recored population. Today we also learned that telephone or observations can be rearranged, and might need several opinions.

Tenisha & Keni

Today we did more observations . We made a model of the ebola virus. We played telephone . We went back on global chat and talk to each other .

kevin and Armond

Today in class we further explored how things look loike something on the outside and different on the indise. Like a 40 straw box could have 41 or 39 straws. We also learned how to track a virsus. (Find out how many people got it.


Today we learned about virsuses. We also learned about roomerms and how they change when they get passed on. and we also got to play with straws and by doing that we learned that everything you see is not true.


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