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June 13, 2001

Today's class started off by reviewing what they learned yesterday about search engines, browsers, ISP, email and organizaton on the web. Although few participated most gave attention to the board. When it came time to check their email, eyes were opened. Most of the students already knew about email and had several email address but for a few, Shodor provided them with their first email address. One of the students opened up the inbox surprised to find the they had mail. Opening the Eudora Light software to check mail was not at all as complicated as remembering to close the program before ejecting the disk.

The students are now starting to design web pages in HTML using BBedit®. Cornelia taught the basics like how to start the page and letting the computer know that it is a web page. Some seemed confused but eager to figure it out, while others already knew a great deal of the HTML code. All seemed surprised when they found out the page had to be about science but were still willing to give it a shot.

After the break, the students worked on a web page. After they were taught a few basic HTML commands they were given a copy of more detailed commands. Students spent much time working on their pages. The students spent time searching for "cool links" and experimenting with different styles of formatting. The energy level and willingness to interact jumped several notches with the students. Students finnished working after an hour. The students then went on the internet to see the pages posted about their workshop, after that the students began to work on their reports.

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