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June 14, 2001

Today's class started out with Bob1 reviewing the types of sciences and the types of scientists that the students were introduced to. He also reviewed the things that the class had learned in the past few days. The went over packets, e-mail and etiquette rules for the web. As Bob1 went over what happened in the last few days the class looked and listened with interest and understanding.

Then Jon took over the class and led them on an internet scavenger hunt. The group's challenge was to find the answers to a long list of questions before Jon did. Each group used the web-searching skills that Jon and Bob1 had taught them and hurried to beat Jon. After their hard searching, it was time for a break.

After the break, the group continued to work on the web pages that they had started a few days ago. They were intrigued by the different formats and grpahics that they could add to their web pages. The students were anxious and excited to work on the pages and put on their finishing touches. Then Bob1 taught them something new. They learned about the history of the internet and how to chat online. Then the students had to come up with interesting questions to ask to a group of scientists that they would chat with tomorrow. After that, they continued to chat online with each other. The class was very excited and happy to learn a new skill.

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