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June 11, 2001

The class started out with an introduction from Bob1 who told students the real meaning of SUCCEED (Stimulating Understanding of Computational science through Collaboration, Exploration, Experiment, and Discovery). He also explained to the class what they would be doing this week while attending the Internet Science Explorations workshop at Shodor.

Following Bob1's introduction was an introduction to rope tricks let by Bob2, who used his computational science skills to show the class examples of the different types of science and experiments. Then the students were taught about the internet and what about its typical uses. The first type of internet server was called Arpanet, which means Advanced Research Project Agency.

Later on, the students played a game that gave them an example of how the internet works. At the end of class, the students went over some HTML stuff and in order to instill in them the importance of critical thought, they did a scavenger hunt trying to find the boiling point of radium. Today's class was a good introduction to the world of internet science.

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