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Candid Student Reports

The following reports were written by members of Forensic Science during the third day of the program. Some elements may have been removed/edited for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.

I learned a whole bunch about chemistry and forging handwriting and how to be a detective! I have one constructive thought: 7th grade and above only! I had a lot of fun!!!!


Today I learned a lot, as usual. I had a great time as a trash archeologist, a chemist, an ink chromatographist, and a cryptographist. I never stop learning here! Keep up the good work Shodor!


Today was cool. We liked the ink breakdown experiment. The trash archaeology was fun but we thought that the forensic chemistry was a little boring. The handwriting analysis was interesting

Bruce and Alan

I liked that we could try to forge peoples names, the part with the ink in the rubbing alchohol, and the grand trash bag discovery of who brought the trash bag. It's not that I didn't like the first part of class it's just that it started to get boring having to almost listen for the whole time was sort of boring.


It was a fun and interesting day more interesting than most so far because of the project we did on determining who had made the trash bag.


I thoroughly enjoyed today's work. I found the lessons informative and highly useful.


This class was a lot better that the class yesterday. I really liked that we got to do a lot of hands on activites. With Hugh we went to MacSpartan and modeled a molecule to find out who tried to assault Mrs. Walksatnight. We got to "go through trash" and find out whose trash it was, and to find out how to ask yes or no questions to find a answer.


The class was fun today, much better than yesterday. My favorite part of the day was chemistry. I thought the ink molecule separation was very interesting.


Well, I deciphered the code. (props to Renee) First person. I feel pretty powerful. Anyways... Today, we got the first real taste of forensic work: digging through trash, finding clues, and interviewing people. I found this one of the neatest aspects of the class so far.


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