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Candid Student Reports

The following reports were written by members of Forensic Science during the fourth day of the program. Some elements may have been removed/edited for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.

We think today was the most exciting day out of the days so far. We really enjoyed the investigation and breaking the two codes. Also we liked going outside for clues.

Alan and Bruce

This was the best SHODOR class EVER. I learned a lot on being a detective! But still.....WHODUNNIT?????


Today was the most exciting day so far this week! It was the case of the missing laptop! It was found, but things were unclear. We now have a very big suspect. The trial is tomorrow!


I liked that we could try to solve this mystery & have a guess of that Garrett might be the person to have committed the crime. I didn't like that we didn't actually find out if Garrett really did commit the crime or not. So that really wasn't very good for us to not to find out if he did it. But for everything else was pretty good for this day.


I enjoyed today's activities a great deal. However, it further supported my belief that the age limits on these workshops must be maintained. Many students are too immature to sucessfully go through the procedures detailed today in class.


The funnest part of the class started today when Hugh announced that his laptop was missing. We began an intense investigation to find the culprit. Everything we have learned so far this week has come into play. We have learned, while working on this, that the class needs to work closer together. We need to be more organized. I feel when we actually put our heads together, the case will solve itself.


Today was fun! the only bad part was that it was fake. It wasent totally fake, but you could tell it was fake.


Today's class was the most exiciting class so far and we got to go and search for clues in the case of the missing laptop. So far we have a pretty good lead on who did the crime. I think in the begining we had nothing and then it started to come in to place. When I found the foot step and the shoe also the paper saying that a computer was in the shop, they all were clues. Something that I did bad was pick up a pick of evidence and did not even have a search warrant. This case was hard but not hard enough for this brilliant group of "forensic scientists".


It was a fun exciting day with lots of mystery to explain and discover.


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