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Distributed Memory: Presentations


Debugging MPI Programs.pdf : A short presentation on debugging MPI programs.

Duck Duck Goose.pdf : Using MPI to play a game of Duck, Duck, Goose!

MPI Basics Send Receive 1.pdf : MPI Send and Receive Basics

MPI Basics PowerPoint Presentation : An Introduction to MPI

MPI Collective Operations.txt : An Overview of Collective Operations Using MPI

MPI Send Receive Block Unblock.ppt : MPI Send and Receive Basics with Blocking/Unblocking

Scatter Gather Lab.pdf : Writing Code for Collective Communications

Distributed Memory.pdf : A presentation describing the idea of distributed memory parallelism.

Distributed Memory .pptx : Power Point slides for a distributed memory overview.

More MPI.ppt : SIPE SC09EDU presentation about Distributed Multiprocessing

More MPI.pdf : SIPE SC09EDU presentation about Distributed Multiprocessing

Nodes_Sockets_Taxonomy_of_Parallelism_pdf : Overview of the Taxonomy of Parallelism

MPI_Error_Example : An Error Handling Example in MPI.

MPI Codes and keywords and error codes : A nearly full list of keywords (like MPI_INT or MPI_SUCCESS) useable in MPI and what they mean.

MPI Basics powerpoint presentation : An Introduction to MPI