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Visualization of an exploding supernova created with the IBM Blue Gene/P at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility. (from Argonne National Laboratory)

Faculty Workshops
Learn about the professional development workshops for faculty that are being offered through BW-UPEP.

This astrophysics simulation seeks to discover the mechanism behind core-collapse supernovae, or the violent death of short-lived, massive stars. (from Argonne National Laboratory)

Learn about the undergraduate petascale research internship program, providing undergraduate students with research experiences to prepare and motivate them for careers in petascale computing.

Apply for an internship at the NCSI website.

High-pressure, high-speed fuel sprays are a critical technology for many applications, including engine fuel-injection systems. (from Argonne National Laboratory)

Curriculum Modules
Learn about how BW-UPEP is funding the development, testing and dissemination of curricular modules that bring authentic high-performance computing applications into the undergraduate classroom.

Submit a Curriculum Proposal at the NCSI Website.

Student Internship Applications Due March 20, 2015

Call for Participation in the Blue Waters Student Internship Program

Preparation for petascale computing requires solid grounding in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE), HPC and HPC-related curricula. As a community, we must address the engagement of a larger and more diverse workforce to broaden participation and to ensure that CSE education keeps pace with the evolution of science and technology. We will leverage faculty expertise to establish best practices, identify and fill gaps, and modernize the CSE curriculum across all science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

The NCSA Blue Waters petascale computing facility funded by NSF will support this effort by providing 1% of the computing capacity of its computational infrastructure in direct support of educational applications. The Blue Waters system will support sustained petaflop performance of scientific codes, and thereby provide a unique educational learning experience for students across the nation.

Rationale and Audience

The Blue Waters education emphasis is intended to prepare the next generation of undergraduate and graduate students, the next generation of K-12 teachers, and an educated workforce. All undergraduate institutions are encouraged to participate including 2- and 4-year colleges and universities, minority serving institutions, EPSCoR institutions, women's colleges, and institutions addressing special needs students.

Student Internship Programs

To achieve these goals, the Blue Waters Student Internship Program (BWSIP) is launching two programs for engaging the national community. The two programs are:

  • Professional Development Workshops for undergraduate faculty
  • Research Experiences for undergraduate and graduate students